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Título:The Story of Zero
Autor/a:Givón, Talmy
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Editorial:John Benjamins
DescripciónThe zero coding of referents or other clausal constituents is one of the most natural, communicatively and cognitively-transparent grammatical devices in human language. Together with its functional equivalent, obligatory pronominal agreement, zero is both extremely widespread cross-linguistically and highly frequent in natural text. In the domain of reference, zero represents, somewhat paradoxically, either anaphorically-governed high continuity or cataphorically-governed low topicality. And whether in conjoined/chained or syntactically-subordinate clauses, zero is extremely well-governed, at a level approaching 100% in natural text.

The naturalness, cross-language ubiquity and well-governedness of zero have been largely obscured by an approach that, for 30-odd years, has considered it a typological exotica, the so-called "pro-drop" associated with a dubious "non-configurational" language type. The main aim of this book is to reaffirm the naturalness, universality and well-governedness of zero by studying it from four closely related perspectives:
(i) cognitive and communicative function;
(ii) natural-text distribution;
(iii) cross-language typological distribution; and
(iv) the diachronic rise of referent coding devices.
The latter is particularly central to our understanding the functional interplay between zero anaphora, pronominal agreement and related referent-coding devices.

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Temática:Lingüística cognitiva, Semántica

Natural zero

Chapter 1: The communicative ecology of zero anaphora

Chapter 2: The grammar of referential coherence as mental processing instructions

Chapter 3: Zero and the rise of pronominal agreement

Chapter 4: Early diachrony of pronominal agreement: A case study in Ute

Chapter 5: Is zero anaphora a typological exotica?

Chapter 6: Verbal zero anaphora: Verbless clauses

Chapter 7: Cataphoric zero: Passive and antipassive voice

Structural zero

Chapter 8: Co-reference in relative clauses

Chapter 9: Co-reference in verb complements

Chapter 10: Co-reference in adverbial clauses

Chapter 11: Zero, pronouns and clause-chaining

Chapter 12: Promiscuous ill-governed zeros?

Chapter 13: Zero and the puzzle of stranded adpositions


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