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Título:Discourse and Identity on Facebook
Autor/a:Georgalou, Mariza
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Bloomsbury
DescripciónSocial network sites are dynamic online socio-cultural arenas which give users ample and unprecedented opportunities for self-presentation through the meshing of language with other semiotic modes. With a focus on Facebook, one of the most widely-used online social network sites, this book brings together ideas and concepts related to language online, multimodality, and identity through five topical issues. These include place, time, profession and education, stance-taking, and privacy.

The book features a discourse-centred online ethnography that provides authentic verbal and multimodal Facebook posts in both Greek and English . These are complemented with insights from interviews with Facebook participants. The examples bring to life various engaging instances of self- and other-presentation on Facebook identifying the ways in which users can:
- locate themselves in terms of place and time;
- announce activities, share and broaden their expertise and buttress solidarity among colleagues and fellow students;
- communicate emotions, tastes, thoughts, opinions and assessments;
- control the flow of textual information on their Facebook profiles to secure their privacy.

Focusing on discourse manifestations of identity, this book also shows how Facebook can function as a space for vernacular literacy practices, a silo of relationships, a digital memory bank, a research tool, a knowledge forum, a cardiograph of a society, and a grassroots channel.

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Temática:Análisis del discurso, Pragmática

1. Identity, discourse and Facebook: An introduction

2. 'I wrote some status updates when I was here': Place and identity

3. 'This is a wall of memories': Time, age and identity

4. 'I use Facebook to project a scholarly image of myself': Professional and educational identity

5. 'I use Facebook to express what I want, not to trigger comments': Stance-taking and identity

6. 'I make the rules on my wall': Managing identity through privacy

7. 'What are we going to do without Facebook?': Conclusions

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